Organic Vinegar a health food

Sugarcane Juice Vinegar

Sugarcane juice is the age old ingredient
to manufacture Vinegar in Bangladesh.
We also manufacture Sugarcane juice vinegar
for you to enjoy the ORGANIC VINEGAR
as health food.

Sugarcane is grown in Bangladesh in organic
 field as the same are grown in the month of
 July-August when the whole country goes
 under water.As no chemical fertilizer can exit
 in water the sugarcane grown are organic in nature.

We employ modern extraction machine
for juice extraction which allows 80% extraction
of  ORGANIC Sugarcane juice
without touch of hands.

The extracted juice is then employed to
 conversion  to vinegar with 5% Acetic Acid.

    We supply the Sugarcane juice Vinegar  in
 the market in different bottling to suit your need.